Broken Hill. Its broken in two places.

We had a late getaway today. The little postie bikes attract a lot of attention and we were chatting to many people this morning about them. Its great how we get to connect with others on the road simply because of Rosie and Mabel’s scrawny red necks! Had some cool ant holes around camp too.



After we packed up camp we were warned about many squashed roo’s on the highway. It seems that the trucks last night may have cleaned a few up.


Once we were under way the weather actually cooled off a little. It was a little overcast and there were occasional spits of rain as the heavens tried to drop some  moisture onto this dry barren bit of land. Boy is it dry out here. There isn’t much in the way of greenery poking up through the sands and in the small patches that are green, the goats are mowing it down.


We zipped along today at a steady 65km/hr. We had a nice tail wind and the little bikes were just purring. Both of us are longing for some bloody hills though! The only bumps we saw were the carcasses of last nights road kill. There must have been 30 plus freshly dead roo’s out there.


We stopped for a quick bum break at a tree full of bra’s. Mabel didn’t leave one there though, as she doesn’t wear undies.Tart!


From there we powered on until Rosie’s exhaust dropped a header bolt and started waking up even the dead roo’s with her racket. It was a quick and easy fix that had us moving again within minutes. It was after doing this that I noticed Mabel’s rear tyre had a piece peeling off.



We soon saw structures on the horizon that meant we were approaching the city of Broken Hill. We setup camp at one of the caravan parks because we both needed a shower and to do some washing. Which then led to us deciding that because it was such a hard day we should treat our selves to beer and pizza.



Tomorrow we shall head off to look at Silverton and the Mad Max museum before spending another night in Broken Hill.

There may even be a Mabel and Rosie Road Warrior tribute video in the making……

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