The road is a bit flat, but the goats were cool

We slept in until 9 this morning! We had planned to get up early, but hey! After a breakfast of rock melon and tea we set about doing an oil change on Mabel. Rosie gets one  tomorrow. Bikes are both running really well at the moment!

After that we packed up camp and headed off into Mildura to pick up a copy of Mabel’s rego papers. The lady at Vic roads was extremely friendly and we had a great old chat.


Chantelle waited outside with the bikes and met a lovely couple from a local Honda motorcycle club. They took a few pics of Mabel and Rosie and we swapped phone numbers. A really lovely couple and we wish we had of gotten their names!


From there it was time to head over the border and into NSW to get Rosie’s rego sorted out. However as we couldn’t prove that Rosie would be garaged in NSW, because she wont be, we were turned away with no rego and told to present proof that we were going to keep Rosie at a NSW address. Luckily we have a good friend in Yass!


By this time it was past lunch o’clock so we found a patch of grass down by the river and had some cheese and mushroom sandwhiches. Nom nom!

DSC00419 DSC00418

After lunch it was time to head towards Broken Hill some 260 km’s away. We set the GPS for a free camp about halfway there. No need to rush these things.



The road was flat and mostly straight as we headed into the NSW outback. Beautiful in its own right! Also plenty of wild life on offer. Emu’s, roo’s, goats, feral sheep, and a pair of wedge tailed eagles. Pretty cool!


As our asses both started to hurt we were really looking forward to camp today. We had a bum break about 40 km’s from camp and then pushed on.


Nice little camp tonight. It overlooks a dried up lake bed and is lovely and quiet, oh apart from the Holden Commodore pulling out after a toilet stop and attempting to do a “burnout”. Buy a Ford mate, it will do a better skid!

DSC00430 DSC00431

DSC00444 DSC00448

We watched the sun go down and spread its colorful fingers across the sky, while behind us was a spectacular moonrise. Bliss!

DSC00450 DSC00452



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4 thoughts on “The road is a bit flat, but the goats were cool

  1. Shane Bransby

    Loving reading these! Keep it up!

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Shane! Lovely to have you along on our trip.

  2. MS


    • tncpowell

      We like you too Markus!

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