Off to Christmas Island

Today its time to pack up all my gear, sort out what I want to leave behind and what I want to take to Christmas Island. I am looking forward to seeing Chantelle and my friends over there greatly, but I am also sad to leave Mabel behind for just now.


Ill be back on the 8th of February and the trip shall continue! Forever! well maybe not forever but for a few years.

I’ll be using the next couple of weeks to rethink some of my gear and plan a better setup for charging my laptop etc. Thanks RD for letting me steal your ideas! I shall be using them!

I leave the caravan park fairly late this morning and under amazing skies I head off in search of some breakfast. I could cook my porridge but I feel like something else!


Eventually after a lot of riding around aimlessly I head to the old Bus Depot markets. I find some amazing food and sit back and people watch.


After this there’s not much left to do but head for the airport. I pack Mabel away and say goodbye for now.

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