Met another postie rider!

I’ve decided that I would like a break today and will stay in Jindabyne for another night before heading off towards Canberra. Why not right?? I woke up to a chilly wind blowing in off of the lake, but no rain at least! The one neighbour I had has already left. Probably got sick of my snoring and bailed in the middle of the night! Today I am going to do my laundry, bum around, go shopping,and  maybe look at some videos I am trying to make.


After I finished my laundry I decided to go for a quick run back up to Dead Horse Gap. I have been fiddling with the carby a bit and thought this would be a good chance to see if I have fixed it. Also there is another postie adventurer in the area and I am keen to meet up with him.


His name is RD and I have watched all of his videos on the youtubes. Sure seems like a great guy and his videos are brilliant.

Check him out here :

He also has a Busking Hat going where you can donate a little cash to him to keep his show on the road for longer. Half of any donations go to the Black Dog Institue which is pretty cool too! So please do think about donating to him!

Donate to RD here:

So without having to pack a single thing I head off on a naked Mabel at about 1030. As we crawl up slopes, her carby still isn’t right, Í see another rider fly over a crest and come zooming towards me. I recognise the bike. Its RD coming to find me from the other direction! We stop on the side of the road and chinwag for a while before we head back to Jindabyne to compare gear and just chat.


Before we know it, its mid afternoon and RD has to get underway to go shopping and camp for the night. After he left I realised he could have just chucked his tent up on my site. Sorry RD! Afterwards its another bit of lounging around and watching Topgear as more rain falls. Tonight I am having Tuna Mornay and Stones and then an early night. Tomorrow I shall head for Canberra. Via a quick ride up into the Snowies! Night!

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