Mabel is down but not out!

So today I finished bolting all of Mabel’s new parts on. Heated grips, tool tube, inverter, topbox, plus tidied up some wiring. I thought I would load her up with her panniers and go and do some laundry and fuel up. Im off tomorrow on a 1500km camping trip on her so thought it would be good to see how she handled around town fully loaded as a bit of a trial.

=16px I rode about 3km up the road and was going through a roundabout when WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were t-boned by a car. The driver said she just didn’t see me. Mabel was hit hard but between her crash bars and her panniers she took all the hit and saved my leg from being broken. Mabel was flung about 10 meters across the road and I bounced off the bonnet and followed her on my knees.


Broke my heart to see my little bike laying there in the centre of the road. Her crash bar twisted and bent, handlebars twisted, both panniers smashed to pieces and her pannier rack so miss-shapen it was beyond repair.

After I dragged her off the road I gave her a kick and she fired straight back into life! Good old Mabel!

So tomorrow I will fix her up with some new bits and steal Rosie’s pannier frame, Rosie is my wife’s bike’s name. I am going on this road trip tomorrow!
What a start to this new life on the road.

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